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♬"Wherever you are be noble. Whatever you do, do well.

Wherever you speak, speak kindly.

Bring joy, wherever you dwell" ~~~ Archie-Rose Mathews♬

♬New Songs, Video's & Pictures added regularly♬

I do hope you like the site and please visit regularly.

I began playing music at an early age, about three I believe; when my Grandfather Archie-Rose Mathews taught me various instruments. 

I settled on the guitar. I then wrote my first song at the age of twelve, titled "In The Words of a Song" which I titled my first album in 1994.

Everyone has a story, most of us have & show emotion; even if you have trouble showing or explaining how you feel! You could write it in a song.

"In Music there is Life, Love & Passion.

Live it, Share it, Embrace it" --- Me"

"Believe Me"

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site & song "Believe Me"!

I wrote this back in 2012, with #Daniel O'Donnell in mind; as his wife was ill at the time & thought this would be a nice song! Also for the lady I had in my mind, which I have now found!!!

"Illicit Carnal Nights"

This video is a tribute to one of the most passionate painters of our time, 'Fabian Perez'. It is thanks to Fabian and his paintings that helped inspire me to write  "Illicit Carnal Nights". Many thanks Fabian.  All images are the property of Fabian Perez; all rights reserved.

"Hey There I'm a Moosey"

I wrote this song after a visit to Banff in Canada. My wife asked if I would like to live 'round ere' to which I replied "I aint a Reindeer I'm a Moosey" I could not get the saying out of my head. I then added verses to highlight Canada's 150th year. It's 

a bit of fun, hope you like it, also if you ever get a chance to visit Canada (assuming you're not in Canada already) enjoy it and respect the animals, they are wild and some Bears & Wolves have been destroyed due to humans feeding them.


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